Little Frank's almanack, to show little boys and girls their play days.
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Little Frank's almanack, to show little boys and girls their play days. Portland [Me.]. : Bailey & Noyes., [not before 1860?]
Bailey & Noyes., [not before 1860?]
  • At head of wrapper: 6.
  • According to extant directories, Bailey & Noyes published in Portland, Me. between 1860 and at least 1875.
  • In printed wrapper.
  • First sentence: "Frank says, if I play twelve hours and sleep twelve hours, that is, twenty-four hours, then is a whole day gone; and seven such days make a week; but, Emily does not know the names of all the days, and I shall now teach her on my own plan."
  • Includes 20 woodcuts.
  • Copy in McGill Library's Rare Books and Special Collections: bound with The two goats and the sick monkey. Portland [Me.]: Bailey & Noyes,[not before 1860?]. Bound together subsequent to publication with 11 other chapbooks; bound in brown calf, gilt lettering. I. Mackenzie. Montreal. Feb/59. $27.50. Jo Ann Reisler, Vienna, Virginia - '91 - $275.00. Given to McGill summer 2001.
Physical Description: and white, 95 mm.
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