A generous donation from the Harold Crabtree Foundation has enabled work to proceed on the McGill Library’s Chapbook Collection project.

Numerous individuals have contributed on the project since 2011 and they are named below.

1. Library Technology Services, McGill University Library
Amy Buckland
Edward Bilodeau
Elizabeth Thomson
Gregory Houston
Mutugi Gathuri

Student assistants
Valerie Hamilton
Allana Mayer
Shannon May
Ian Roberton
Gabrielle Poitras
Megan Chan

2. Rare Books and Special Collections, McGill University Library
Dr. Richard Virr
Sharon Rankin

Student assistants
Jason Grand
Kara Garvey
Casey Lees
Wid Naima
Annika Robbins
Deryn Cro
Erin Bienert

3. Library Collection Services, McGill University Library
Megan Chellew

Student assistants
Adam Baron
Amber McNair
Beth Potter

4. Department of English, Faculty of Arts, McGill University
Interacting with Print Research Group

Dr. Tom Mole

Research assistant
Jason Grand

For more information about the McGill Library’s Chapbook Collection project, please contact:
Rare Books and Special Collections
(514) 398-4711.