A garland of new songs : Tweed side, My Nanie, o, Highland laddie, Up in the morning early, Flowers of the forest.
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A garland of new songs : Tweed side, My Nanie, o, Highland laddie, Up in the morning early, Flowers of the forest. Newcastle upon Tyne : Printed by J. Marshall, [between 1800 and 1831]
Alternative Title:
Tweed side.
My Nanie, o.
Highland laddie.
Up in the morning early.
Flowers of the forest.
Printed by J. Marshall, [between 1800 and 1831]
  • Undated. Date range from trading dates of J. Marshall, cf. The British book trade index WWW site.
  • Without music.
  • Title vignette.
  • First sentence of Tweed side: "What beauties does Flora disclose!"
  • First sentence of My Nanie, o: "Behind yon hills where Lugar flows, 'Mang moors an' mosses many O, The wintry sun the day has clos'd, and I'll away to Nanie, O."
  • First sentence of Highland laddie: "The Lawland lads think they are fine; But O, they're vain and idly gaudy!"
  • First sentence of Up in the morning early: "Cauld blaws the win' frae north to south, And drift is driving fairly; The sheep are couring i' the heugh, O firs! it's winter fairly."
  • First sentence of Flowers of the forest: "I've heard of a lilting at our ewes milking, Lasses a' lilting before the break of day; But now there's a moaning on ilka green loaning, That our braw Foresters are a' wede away."
  • Includes 1 woodcut.
  • Copy in McGill Library’s Rare Books and Special Collections: With: A garland of new songs : The bonny Scotch lad and his bonnet so blue, The blackbird, My sailor dear shall guard my pillow, Bundle of truths. Newcastle upon Tyne :Printed by J. Marshall, in the Old Flesh-market,[between 1800 and 1823?]. Bound together subsequent to publication. Uncut pages.
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text.chapbook.black and white, 16 cm.
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Metrical Tales and Other Verse
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