A garland of new songs : The Bay of Biscay, o, All's well, Poor Joe the marine, The mid watch, The sea-boy, The sailor's adieu.
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A garland of new songs : The Bay of Biscay, o, All's well, Poor Joe the marine, The mid watch, The sea-boy, The sailor's adieu. Newcastle upon Tyne : Printed by J. Marshall, [between 1800 and 1831]
Alternative Title:
The Bay of Biscay, o.
All's well.
Poor Joe the marine.
The mid watch.
The sea-boy.
The sailor's adieu.
Printed by J. Marshall, [between 1800 and 1831]
  • Undated. Date range from trading dates of J. Marshall, cf. The British book trade index WWW site.
  • Without music.
  • Title vignette.
  • First sentence of The Bay of Biscay, o: "Loud roar'd the dreadful thunder, The rain a deluge showers; The clouds were rent asunder, By lightning's vivid powers; The night both drear and dark, Our poor devoted bark, Till next day, There she lay, In the Bay of Biscay, O."
  • First sentence of All's well: "Deserted by the waning moon, When skies proclaim night's cheerless noon, On tower, on fort, or tented ground, The sentry walks his lonely round."
  • First sentence of Poor Joe the marine: "Poor Joe the marine was at Portsmouth well known, No lad in the corps drest so smart; The lasses ne'er look'd on the youth with a frown, His manliness won every heart."
  • First sentence of The mid watch: "When 'tis night, and the mid watch is come, And chilling mists hang o'er the darkened main, The sailors think of their far distant home, and of those friends they ne'er may see again."
  • First sentence of The sea-boy: "To England's towers of oak farewell, No more for me shall be unfurl'd The canvas in the gale to swell, The ocean is no more my world; Yet there life's earliest years I fearless pass'd, A sea-boy on the high and giddy mast."
  • First sentence of The sailor's adieu: "The topsails shiver in the wind, The ship she casts to sea; But yet my soul, my heart, my mind, Are, Mary, moor'd with thee: For though thy sailor's bound afar, Still love shall be his leading star."
  • Includes 1 woodcut.
  • Copy in McGill Library’s Rare Books and Special Collections: With: A garland of new songs : The bonny Scotch lad and his bonnet so blue, The blackbird, My sailor dear shall guard my pillow, Bundle of truths. Newcastle upon Tyne :Printed by J. Marshall, in the Old Flesh-market,[between 1800 and 1823?]. Bound together subsequent to publication. Uncut pages.
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text.chapbook.black and white, 16 cm.
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Metrical Tales and Other Verse
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