A garland of new songs : Allen A--Dale, Paddy Carey, Ma chere amie, William Tell, Oh the moment was sad, The cottage on the moor.
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A garland of new songs : Allen A--Dale, Paddy Carey, Ma chere amie, William Tell, Oh the moment was sad, The cottage on the moor. Newcastle upon Tyne : Printed by J. Marshall, [between 1800 and 1831]
Alternative Title:
Allen A--Dale.
Paddy Carey.
Ma chere amie.
William Tell.
Oh the moment was sad.
The cottage on the moor.
Printed by J. Marshall, [between 1800 and 1831]
  • Undated. Date range from trading dates of J. Marshall, cf. The British book trade index WWW site.
  • Without music.
  • Title vignette.
  • First sentence of Allen A-Dale: "Allen A-Dale has no faggot for burning, Allen A-Dale has no furrow for turning."
  • First sentence of Paddy Carey: "Twas at the town of nate Clogheen That serjent Snap met Paddy Carey, a claner boy was never seen, Brisk as a bee, light as a fairy."
  • First sentence of Ma chere amie: "Ma chere amie! my charming fair!"
  • First sentence of William Tell: "When William Tell was doom'd to die, Or hit the mark upon his Infant's head, The signal toll'd, the hour was nigh, And soldiers march'd with grief and dread."
  • First sentence of Oh the moment was sad: "Oh the momen t was sad when my love and I parted, Savourna Delish, Shinagh, Oh!"
  • First sentence of The cottage of the moor: "My mam is no more, and my dad in his grave, Little orphans are sisters and I, sadly poor, Industry our wealth, and no dwelling we have, But yon neat little cottage, that stands on the moor."
  • Includes 1 woodcut.
  • Copy in McGill Library’s Rare Books and Special Collections: With: A garland of new songs : The bonny Scotch lad and his bonnet so blue, The blackbird, My sailor dear shall guard my pillow, Bundle of truths. Newcastle upon Tyne :Printed by J. Marshall, in the Old Flesh-market,[between 1800 and 1823?]. Bound together subsequent to publication.
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text.chapbook.black and white, 16 cm.
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Song Books
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