Dunigan's tortoise-shell cat, or, The life of Queen Tab and her kitten.
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Dunigan's tortoise-shell cat, or, The life of Queen Tab and her kitten. S. l. : s. n., 18--?]
Alternative Title:
Tortoise-shell cat
Life of Queen Tab and her kitten
s. n., 18--?]
  • In verse.
  • First sentence: "When at the Mill they mew'd at the door; Says the Miller, 'tis a noise I'm sure; Then made a bow,-- put milk in a pan, Which to sup they both began, So having drank while they were able, Tab by the fire and Kit on the table, Says Miller, old Cat, what's your name? Tab, said she, and Kit's is the same; So the Miller asked her in a trice, If she thought she could catch mice, When, as he spoke, one peeped from a hold, And pussy lugged him out by the pole."
  • Includes 8 woodcuts.
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text.chapbook.black and white, 19 x 12 cm.
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Metrical Tales and Other Verse
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