Canadian War Poster Collection
Canadian War Poster Collection

Canadian War Poster Collection - Credits

Phase I

Original Site Designed by:

This site was designed and produced by Gary Tynski, the Division's Print Curator, and Jennifer Wile, a student in the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies. Technical assistance was provided by David McKnight, Digital Collections Librarian, and Vlad Nabok and Ali Abbas of the McGill Libraries' Digital Collections Program. The posters were photographed by Jack Goldsmith of ICC. Irena Murray, Chief Curator of the Rare Books and Special Collections Division, edited the text and provided support and advice.

Phase II - 2005

Web Site Redesigned by:

Project Co-ordinator: David McKnight

Database Manager and Web Developer: Elizabeth Thomson

Web Designer: Maria Gosselin

Digital Scanning Manager: Eli Brown

Assistant Programmer: Vijitha Iyadurai

Programming Intern: Andrew Marcoux, Vanier College