Welcome to our online order form, established to provide convenient access to high-resolution reproductions of many of our online images. If you are interested in obtaining a digital or physical*** reproduction(s), simply fill out the following form and click confirm. Take note of your Order Code and forward it, along with payment, to the address provided. Once payment is received, the requested images will be scanned and edited to your specifications and sent back within 7 working days. If you are unsure what scanning specifications you require, leave the default values in the fields. These values will ensure a high-quality image, edited to maximize sharpness and optimized for printed reproduction.

***Please note that physical reproductions are not to scale. The size of each printout is roughly 12"x18".

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Due to the varying costs for shipping and handling, in order for us to provide you with an accurate subtotal for your order, we require you to indicate the destination of your order before ordering.

Shipping and handling costs for destinations other than Canada and the US will be supplied in our quote.

Canadian taxes are NOT included in prices for Canadian orders. Applicable taxes will be added to your final invoice.


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