The McGill David Hume Collection

Scope of the Collection

The David Hume Collection is a major research collection. It aims to be as comprehensive as possible for eighteenth-century editions of Hume's writings in English and in translation, and for contemporary comment and criticism, British and European. The collection also includes significant later editions and criticism. Particular attention has been paid to acquiring eighteenth-century and early nineteenth-century works referring to Hume or discussing his works. The collection further includes nineteenth- and twentieth-century theses devoted to Hume and a complete run of the journal Hume Studies (1975 - ).


The Humanities and Social Sciences Library (McLennan-Redpath) is also committed to supporting the David Hume Collection and acquires modern editions and modern critical commentaries on and studies of Hume, particularly in English, French, German and Italian. These can be located through the on-line library catalogue.