The McGill David Hume Collection

Arrangement of the Collection

Historically, the Hume collection was arranged intellectually according to T.E. Jessop's A Bibliography of David Hume and of the Scottish Philosophy (1938, reprint 1966). Jessop's arrangement is as follows:

Collected Works:

•Hume's own collection (Essays & Treatises)
•Posthumous collections and selections
•Collections and selections in translation

Works published by Hume and translations of these:

•1739-40. Treatise concerning human understanding
•1741. Essays moral and political
•1748. Account of Stewart
•1748. Philosophical essays (Enquiry concerning human Understanding)
•Essay on Miracles
•1751. Enquiry concerning the principles of morals
•1752. Political Discourses
•c. 1752. Scotticisms
•1754-62. History of Great Britain
•1757. Four dissertations
•1759. Letter to Critical Review
•1766. Account of dispute with Rousseau

Other literary activities

Posthumously published works:

•Two essays
•Dialogues concerning natural religion
•Minor papers


Works on Hume:

•Biography, correspondence and miscellanea
•On the quarrel with Rousseau
•On his History
•On his political and economic writings
•On his philosophy
•Great Britain, Ireland and America
•Germany and Austria
•Other countries

To this schema the McGill collection has added five additional sections:

•Books from Hume's library
•Discussions - General
•Douglas controversy
•Leslie Election controversy.

As well, Jessop's category "Treatise concerning human understanding" has been corrected to become "Treatise concerning human nature." "Correspondence" and "bibliographies" have been made separate sections and a subsection for translations has been created under the entry where they exist. (Jessop categories for which no material exists in the collection have not been included.) The McGill collection includes material not in Jessop and unknown to Jessop; all this material is arranged under the various categories or sections. The Hume Collection is searchable by these categories and a navigation toolbar is provided.