The McGill David Hume Collection


The original work on the David Hume database was done by Deborah Vincelli in 1999 as part of her Practicum in the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies, McGill University.

From 2002 to 2005, Isabelle Robitaille, contract librarian, was responsible for adding and upgrading records.

The original website was designed by Zeenat Insaf, and was redesigned by Andrew Ensslen in 2003, and Maria Gosselin in 2005.


The Hume Team:

Project Curator:
Dr. Richard Virr, Curator of Manuscripts

Project Manager:
David McKnight, Digital Collections Librarian

Web and Database Programmer:
Elizabeth Thomson

Assistant Programmer:
Vijitha Iyadurai

Digital Scanning Manager:
Eli Brown

Scanning Technician:
Steven Gee

Web Designer:
Andrew Ensslen (2003)

Web Designer:
Maria Gosselin