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Corporate Reports

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Company Name: Texaco Canada Inc.
Note: McColl-Frontenac Oil Company Limited was incorporated in Canada in 1927. The company changed its name to Texaco Canada Limited in 1959. In mid-1978, the company changed its name to Texaco Canada Inc. The company was acquired by Imperial Oil Limited in 1989. Subsequently its name was changed to McColl-Frontenac Inc. in that same year.
Incorporated: 1927
Historic Entries:
Succeeded by: Texaco Canada Inc. was acquired by Imperial Oil Limited, 1989 
1929 (3.1MB)1930 (3.4MB)1931 (2.9MB)1932 (3.6MB)
1933 (1.9MB)1934 (2.1MB)1935 (2.1MB)1936 (1.9MB)
1937 (2.2MB)1938 (3.5MB)1939 (6MB)1940 (5.7MB)
1941 (8MB)1942 (8.7MB)1943 (4.6MB)1944 (9.1MB)
1945 (3.3MB)1946 (3.5MB)1947 (4.5MB)1948 (8.6MB)
1949 (7.2MB)1950 (7.5MB)1951 (6.8MB)1952 (7.7MB)
1953 (9.1MB)1954 (7.8MB)1955 (6.2MB)1956 (7.5MB)
19741976 (14MB)1977 (15.6MB)1978
1980 (21MB)1981 (19.3MB)19821983 (21.7MB)
1984 (28.6MB)1985 (19.7MB)19861987
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