Corporate Reports
Corporate Reports

Credits - Original digitization and site development:

Digital Collections Program

  • David McKnight, Project Co-ordinator
  • Eli Brown, Digital Scanning Manager
  • Elizabeth Thomson, Database Manager and Web Developer
  • Maria Gosselin, Web Designer
  • Andrew Marcoux, Programming Intern, Vanier College

Howard Ross Library

  • Amber Lannon, Head Librarian
  • Judy Symansky, Liaison Librarian
  • Beth Dunning, Liaison Librarian
  • Robert Clarke, Management Librarian and Special Libraries Coordinator
  • Shazia Ahmad, Project Officer
  • Julia Stark, Project Officer
  • Peter Martinek, Library Supervisor
  • Abhay Bhatt, Project Assistant
  • Christina Zhu, Project Assistant
  • Gail Veli, Project Assistant