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Corporate Reports

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Company Name: Saskatchewan Wheat Pool
Note: Saskatchewan Wheat Pool was incorporated in Saskatchewan in 1924. The company changed its name to Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Inc. in 2005.
Incorporated: 1924
SEDAR: Current reports for this company are available in SEDAR
Historic Entries:
Preceded by: Agricore United was acquired by Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, 2007 
1954 (43.6MB)1955 (43.3MB)1956 (41.6MB)1957 (31.8MB)
1958 (34.8MB)1959 (35.3MB)1960 (37.7MB)1961 (40.2MB)
1962 (40.9MB)1963 (33MB)1964 (37.8MB)1965 (21.6MB)
1966 (19.9MB)1967 (19.2MB)19681969/1970 (10.1MB)
1969b (8.7MB)1971/1972 (12.2MB)1973 (19.7MB)1974 (26.4MB)
1975 (13.5MB)1976 (19.3MB)1977 (13MB)1978 (16.8MB)
1979 (14.8MB)1980 (15.8MB)1981 (17.4MB)1982 (15.4MB)
1983 (19.5MB)1984 (13.8MB)1985 (19MB)1986 (18MB)
1987 (15.2MB)1988 (16MB)1989 (15.8MB)1990
199119921993 (13.8MB)1994 (15.2MB)
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United Grain Growers Limited
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