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Corporate Reports

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Company Name: Majestic Wiley Contractors Limited
Note: Majestic Wiley Contractors Limited was incorporated in Alberta in 1974. The company’s name changed to Majestic Contractors Limited in 1983. The company was acquired by Banister Inc. in 1993. Banister Inc.’s name changed to Banister Foundation Inc. in 1994. The name changed to BFC Construction Corporation in 1997. BFC Construction Corporation was acquired by Armbro Enterprises Inc. in 2000. Armbro Enterprises Inc.’s name changed to Aecon Group Inc. in 2001.
Incorporated: 1974
SEDAR: Current reports for this company are available in SEDAR
Historic Entries:
Succeeded by: Majestic Wiley Contractors Limited was acquired by Banister Inc., 1993 
SIC Codes and Descriptions: 4121 Highways, Streets and Bridges
4491  Land Developers
1974 (7.4MB)1975 (7.8MB)19761977
1978 (14.2MB)1979 (11.7MB)1980 (11.7MB)1981 (11.8MB)
1982 (10.2MB)1983 (11.4MB)1984 (12.1MB)1985 (12.8MB)
1986 (4.5MB)1987 (11MB)19881989
See Also: Banister Continental Ltd.
Banister Inc.
Banister Foundation Inc.
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