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Company Name: Imasco Limited
Note: Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada Limited was incorporated in Canada in 1912. The company’s name changed to Imasco Limited in 1970. In 2000, the name changed to Imperial Tobacco Canada Limited.
Incorporated: 1912
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Historic Entries:
Preceded by: Koffler Stores Ltd. was acquired by Imasco Limited, 1978 
Preceded by: Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada Limited changed its name to Imasco Limited, 1970 
Preceded by: Genstar Ltd. was acquired by Imasco Limited, 1986 
SIC Codes and Descriptions: 1211 Leaf Tobacco Industry
1221 Tobacco Products Industry
1972197419751976 (10.1MB)
1977 (8.9MB)1978 (9.3MB)1979 (20.8MB)1980 (10.4MB)
1981 (15.5MB)1982 (18.7MB)1983 (17MB)1984 (21MB)
1985 (23.1MB)1986 (24MB)1987 (28.7MB)1988 (36.5MB)
1989 (28.2MB)1990 (25.7MB)1991 (23.6MB)1992 (25MB)
1993 (28.9MB)1994 (38.9MB)1995 (32.2MB)1998 (36.3MB)
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