Ile Ste. Hélène 2
Ile Ste. Hélène 2
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Nation :   International, United States of America, Korea, Iran, China
Pavilion Name :   The Rose Garden, Expo Services, Metro St. Helene, State of New York Pavilion, Expo Banking Service, Visitors Aid Centre, Operations Control Centre, International Scout Centre, Man the Explorer, Dupont of Canada Auditorium, State Of Maine Pavilion, Air Canada Pavilion, Polymer Pavilion, Telephone Pavilion, Expo Services, Swimming Pools
Subject :   Island
Island :   Ile Sainte-Hélène
Description :   Aerial photograph of Ile Ste-Hélène's eastern end (facing towards the south).
Photographer's Notes :   Back LtoR: Scandinavia, Man-Expolorer, Telephone, Iran. Front: USA
Associated Pavilion(s):
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  - The Rose Garden
- Expo Services
- Metro St. Helene
- State of New York Pavilion
- Expo Banking Service
- Visitors Aid Centre
- Operations Control Centre
- International Scout Centre
- Man the Explorer
- Dupont of Canada Auditorium
- State Of Maine Pavilion
- Air Canada Pavilion
- Polymer Pavilion
- Telephone Pavilion
- Expo Services
- Swimming Pools
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