Air Canada Pavilion
Air Canada Pavilion
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General Description:

The Air Canada Pavilion was visiually striking as the helix shape dominating its form was intended to evoke the notion of flight. The exhibit areas told the history and progress of the aviation industry through displays named "The Dream", "The Acheivement" and "New Worlds" housed respectively in each of the three "pods".
Island:   Ile Ste Hélène
Lot:   B-332
Geometry:   Helix rising above three conical exhibition "pods"
Materials:   Reinforced concrete basement with structural steel central tower. Reinforced fiberglass cladding.
Dimensions:   Size: 125' x 89' (irregularly shaped) --- Area: 12,470 sq. ft. --- Height: 56'
Design Architect:   Crang & Boake Architects

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Title: Ile Ste. Hélène 1
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Title: Air Canada Pavilion

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