New York Pavilion
State of New York Pavilion
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General Description:

Incorporating elements from amusement park architecture, the New York State Pavilion and its revolving carousel conveyed a sense of fun and whimsy. Four of the six towers were kept to one storey and housed movie theatres. The two remaining towers housed two storeys of staff and administration space. The carousel was home to the main exhibit area. Focusing on it's relationship with Canada, the exhibits displayed New York as a great vacation place. Industry related displays put emphasis on the success of Canadian firms in the New York market. In fact, the motto for the New York State exhibit was "Welcome, Canadian Neighbour".
Island:   Ile Ste Hélène
Lot:   B-346
Geometry:   Six cylindrical towers fronted by circular 'carousel' exhibition space.
Materials:   Canvas on structural steel
Dimensions:   Size: 80' diameter (carousel), 30' diameter (towers) --- Area: 12000 sq. ft. --- Height: 16' (carousel), 40' (towers)
Design Architect:   Felix Stephen Gula Associates

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Title: Ile Ste. Hélène 2
Title: New York Pavilion

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