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Entry NoNameTitleLink to full record
218Deitch, MattesInm land fun di Yenkis : lider und poemen, 1922-1935 Full Record
219Deitch, MattesLetste lider : geshribene in di yorn 1959-1966 Full Record
220Deitch, MattesMandlbroyt-Yidish Full Record
221Deitch, MattesTsum noentstn shtern, Yidish : gezamlte lider un poemes Full Record
222Deitch, MattesTsvishn yamen un flamen : akht poemen, eybik'e problemen, 1937-1941. Full Record
1845Deitch, MattesAntologye, mitvest-mayrev Full Record
1850Deitch, MattesIn nebel Full Record
223Der HosidUnter shtil`e himlen Full Record
489Der LebedikerAzoy lakh ikh Full Record
490Der LebedikerPompador Full Record
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