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Entry NoNameTitleLink to full record
491Der LebedikerDer Lebediker : a zamlbukh lekoved zayn 50 yorikn yubiley Full Record
2166Der LebedikerPompadur : paradoksn un shtimungen Full Record
585Der NisterDertseylungen un eseyen Full Record
586Der NisterGezang un gebet Full Record
587Der NisterHekher fun der erd Full Record
588Der NisterDi mishpokheh Mashber Full Record
589Der NisterVidervuks : dertseylungen, noveln Full Record
1764Der TunkelerFleder-mayz : a zamlung fun felyetonen, lieder un parodyen Full Record
1765Der TunkelerDer griner popugay : a zamlung fun monologen, satiren un parodyen Full Record
1767Der TunkelerParodyen Full Record
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