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244Dorfman, ZeligZing zinger Full Record
245Dranov, N.Nakht fun zelbst-mord, oder, Vos iz der tsiel fun leben? : dramatisher etyud in eyn akt Full Record
246Driz, ShikeDi ferte strun`e Full Record
247Driz, ShikeLikhtike vor Full Record
248Dropkin, Celia LevinIn heysn vint : lider Full Record
249Dropkin, Celia LevinIn heysn vint Full Record
1448Dubinovski, LazarOyf Basaraber erd Full Record
1720Dubnow, SimonFun "zshargon" tsu Yidish, un andere artiklen : literarishe zikhroynes Full Record
250Dzialowski, M.A broyt mit a meser Full Record
See: Hamer-Jacklyn, SarahDzshaklin, Sore Hamer-  
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