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254Jeshurin, Ephim H.Dovid Edelshtat gedenk-bukh : tsum zekhtsikstn yortsayt 1952-1892 Full Record
410Jeshurin, Ephim H.Peyres oyf mayn boym : lider Full Record
414Jeshurin, Ephim H.Oysgeklibene shriftn Full Record
1108Jeshurin, Ephim H.Di lider fun mayne lider Full Record
1109Jeshurin, Ephim H.Meylekh Ravitsh bibliografye = Melech Ravitch bibliography Full Record
1283Jeshurin, Ephim H.A. Almi bukh : le-koved A. Almis vern a ben-shiv`im Full Record
1483Jeshurin, Ephim H.B. Vladek in leben un shafen Full Record
1550Jeshurin, Ephim H.In onheyb fun a friling : kapitlekh zikhroynes Full Record
1710Jeshurin, Ephim H.B. Rivkin, lebn un shafn Full Record
2179Jeshurin, Ephim H.B. Vladek in der opshatsung fun zayne fraynd Full Record
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