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The following set of Napoleon links are provided for the benefit of researchers. Please note: this is not an exhaustive gateway to all Napoleon related links on the web. For more comprehensive sites please see Subject Gateways below.

Associations, Institutes and Societies back to top

Association du Souvenir Napoléonien

Institut Napoleon

Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution

The International Napoleonic Society

Napoleonic Alliance

The Napoleonic Association

Napoleonic Society of America

La Société Napoléonienne

Bibliographies back to top

Napoleonic Europe Bibliography

Bonaparte Family History back to top

Napoleonic Titles and Heraldry

The Napoleonic Guide

The Napoleonic Series

The PBS Napoleon Series

Collections in other Institutions back to top

Brown University - The History of Special Collections: Napoleon

Florida State University - Napoleon and the French Revolution

Plough Library - Archives - Kuehner Collection

Stirling University Library: Napoleon Bonaparte

University of Delaware Library - The Marshals of Napoleon Collection

Journals and magazines back to top

Napoleon Journal

Napoleon Online

First Empire

Literature and Documents back to top

General back to top

Napoleonic Literature

Literature on the Age of Napoleon

Return of Napoleon from Elba

Napoleonic Primary Sources

Correspondence back to top

Napoleon's Correspondence

Wellington's Dispatches

War letters

Memoirs back to top

Marshal Louis Davout

Marshal Suchet

Duke of Rovigo

Marshal Macdonald

Military History back to top

The French Revolt and Empire

Napoleonic Wars

The Napoleonic Wars Collection

The Napoleonic Guide

The Napoleonic Series

The PBS Napoleon Series

Borodino back to top

The Battle of Borodino


Russian Campaign back to top

Napoleon's Invasion of Russia

1812 Napoleon's Invasion of Russia

Project 1812 Year

Trafalgar back to top

Battle of Trafalgar

Royal Navy (1793-1815)

Trafalgar Roll

Waterloo back to top

A Quick Primer on Waterloo

The 13th at Waterloo

Other back to top

Napitalia: The Eagle in Italy

King's German Legion

The 13th at Waterloo

Museums and Exhibitions back to top

Musée Fesch Ajaccio

Heimat-, Napoleon- und Ordensmuseum

Musée Napoléon de la Pommerie

Prints and paintings back to top

Anti-Napoleon Caricature

Drawings by F. C. Houdetot

Subject Gateways back to top


Napoleon Bonaparte Internet Guide

Napoleon Guide Links

Uniforms and Medals back to top

Uniforms of Napoleon's Army

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