Ming Qing Women's Writings Digitization Project
Ming Qing Women's Writings Digitization Project

Author [ Jin Ruolan]

金若蘭﹐清乾隆嘉慶間人﹐女﹐字者香﹐歙縣人(今安徽歙縣)。Related Materials: 著有 花語軒詩鈔。國朝閨閣詩鈔﹐小黛軒論詩詩有著錄。

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[ anthologies in this database containing works by 金若蘭 Jin Ruolan ]
Guo chao gui ge shi chao: 100 zhong 100 juan (edited by Cai Dianqi, Qing dynasty)

    花語軒詩鈔﹕一卷 Hua yu xuan shi chao: 1 juan - (All texts in this collection authored by 金若蘭 Jin Ruolan )
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《歷代婦女著作考》 P. 405 著錄 作者: 胡文楷
論金若蘭詩 Lun Jin Ruolan shi  作者/Author﹕ 陳芸 Chen Yun
金若蘭[略傳] Jin Ruolan [lüe zhuan]  作者/Author﹕ 甘晉 Gan Jin

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