Ming Qing Women's Writings Digitization Project
Ming Qing Women's Writings Digitization Project

Access database research tool

The Ming Qing Women's Writings (MQWW) project developed the MQWW Microsoft Access database to offer a convenient method to access the metadata of the Ming Qing Women's Writings database to researchers interested in data analysis. Microsoft Access is a widely used database system for PC users. It is also a good bridge to other digital humanities tools such as ArcGIS and SPSS. For more information about Microsoft Access, please click here. The current Access file has been tested on Microsoft Access 2007, Microsoft Access 2010, and Microsoft Access 2013. It contains the complete data of all the collections, poems, and poets in the Ming Qing Women’s Writings database.

To use the MQWW Access database, you need to download the MQWW Access file from our website then open the file on a computer that has installed Microsoft Access.

Please click here to download the MQWW Microsoft Access file.

December 2023