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Company Name: Federal Industries Ltd.
Note: Federal Grain, Limited originated in 1929 and was incorporated in Canada in 1967. The company’s name changed to Federal Industries Ltd. in 1973. Federal Industries Ltd.’s name changed to Russel Metals Inc. in 1995.
Incorporated: 1967
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Historic Entries:
Preceded by: Canadian Corporate Management Company Limited amalgamated with a subsidiary of Federal Industries Ltd., 1986 
Preceded by: Federal Grain Limited changed its name to Federal Industries Ltd., 1973 
SIC Codes and Descriptions: 2912 Steel Foundries
2919 Other Primary Steel Industries
4561 General Freight Trucking Industry
1051 Cereal Grain Flour Industry
19731976 (8.5MB)19771978 (14.5MB)
1979 (13.9MB)1980 (18.1MB)1981 (28.3MB)1982 (25.1MB)
1983 (26.9MB)1984 (37MB)1985 (30.1MB)1986
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Canadian Corporate Management Company Limited
Federal Grain Limited
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