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Company Name: Banque Canadienne Nationale
Note: Banque d'Hochelaga was incorporated in 1873. The bank amalgamated with La Banque Nationale in 1924, and adopted the name Banque Canadienne Nationale in 1925. Banque Canadienne Nationale amalgamated with La Banque Provinciale du Canada to form National Bank of Canada in 1979.
Incorporated: 1873
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Historic Entries:
Preceded by: Banque d'Hochelaga changed its name to Banque Canadienne Nationale, 1925 
Preceded by: Provincial Bank of Canada amlagamated with Banque Canadienne Nationale, 1979 
Succeeded by: Banque Canadienne Nationale amalgamated to form National Bank of Canada, 1979 
SIC Codes and Descriptions: 7021 Chartered Banks
7411 Investment Dealers
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