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The Tradesmen

153 (Minaggio 142) Standing on a table between an open coffer and his professional insignia -- an enormous tooth hanging from a pole -- a tooth puller holds up the tooth he has just extracted from a suffering patient, who sits holding a blood-stained cloth to his face.

154 (Minaggio 75) A knife-sharpener uses a foot-pedal to turn a grindstone. Scissors, a scythe and several knives can be seen hanging from branches and sticking into the tree trunk.

155 (Minaggio 53) The apron and brush attached around his waist indicate this may be a chimney sweep. He is leaning on a staff and playing a flute while waiting for his dog to finish defecating. There is a small finch perched on the top of the tree.

156 (Minaggio 72) A cobbler repairs a shoe while its owner, with one stockinged foot and leaning on a long staff, waits. There is a Brambling (Fringilla montfringilla) perched in the tree above.