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The Hunters

115 (Minaggio 2a) A gentleman riding a prancing horse and holding a hunting dog on a long lead.

116 (Minaggio 76) Although the bird is tentatively labelled Dodo? on the picture, this more likely represents a bustard being hunted by a mounted oriental gentleman with a scimitar.

117 (Minaggio 3) A huntsman blowing his horn and holding two leashed dogs, one of which is drinking from a stream.

118 (Minaggio 4) A hunter returning from a rabbit hunt, carrying his catch on a pole and leading a hunting dog on a leash.

119 (Minaggio 5) A hunter shooting an arquebus at a duck swimming in the river.

120 (Minaggio 6) A hunter carrying a tethered owl on a portable perch and four song birds on a long pole over his shoulder. His assistant carries a caged bird and a quiver.

121 (Minaggio 8) Hunter using a blow-gun to shoot clay pellets at birds.

122 (Minaggio 7) Man, possibly carrying a bird call, walking towards a bird cage.

123 (Minaggio 9) Man aiming a crossbow, used only for hunting large birds.

124 (Minaggio 10) Fowler using a pouch on the end of a long pole to capture birds (possibly swallows) nesting in the arrow slits of a tower. His assistant carries a basket.

125 (Minaggio 11) Two men, one with a three-pronged pike, and the other carrying a net over his arm.

126 (Minaggio 12) A man and a boy with a net walking towards a covey of five birds on the ground to the right.

127 (Minaggio 13) A man loading an arquebus for duck hunting. The dog has already retrieved a Mallard. Two ducks are flying overhead.

128 (Minaggio 14) A man with a three-pronged pike for boar hunting.

129 (Minaggio 51) An oriental archer shooting at a tree behind which can be seen a small monkey.

130 (Minaggio 2) Gentleman on horseback. This is, regrettably, one of many pictures in the series which has suffered insect and/or water damage in the upper left hand corner. The unidentifiable collection of feathers at the end of the right arm almost certainly depicted a hooded falcon.