a photographic journery through expo '67
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  Welcome to the Expo '67, Dixon Slide Collection website!

Enjoy our collection of original photographs taken at the 1967 World Exhibition that took place in Montreal, Quebec on April 28th through October29th.

  About The Photographer  

‘Expo ‘67’ as it was named, presented a platform from which “nations could display their aspirations, characteristics and achievements”.   In clear parallel to the architectural direction of the time, Expo was conceived as a showcase of diversity and innovation.

The site chosen for Expo ’67 was an innovation in itself.  Twenty-three million tonnes of fill gathered from excavations for the city’s underground transit system were used to enlarge the existing island of Ste-Helene and create an entirely new island, Ile Notre Dame.  Isolated by water, the Expo site became a micro city, utilizing the actual city of Montreal as its backdrop.
        I. Kalin, Expo ’67: Survey of Building Materials, Systems and Techniques, (Ottawa: The Queens Printer, 1969), v.

-- excepts from: The First Nations Garden Pavilion & The French Pavilion:
Substance over Spectacle
  Welcome to Expo '67: A Photographic Journey!
  This website is a compilation of digitized images capturing the buildings and surrounding area of the Expo '67 site. The original photographs (slides) were taken by Meredith Dixon at the 1967 World Exhibition that took place in Montreal, Quebec on April 28th through October 29th.

The collection of 470 slides were given to the McGill School of Architecture at the behest of its Professor Pieter Sijpkes, and are here accessible in its digitized format at the kind suggestion of the School's Professor Annmarie Adams.

The website features descriptions for each image as follows:
Building Name
Photographer's Notes

The website also includes an interactive map which allows users to explore the Expo Islands, a search feature enabling users to browse the collection by subject or keyword, essays and a bibliography of selected resources.

Copyright is held by the McGill University Library. These digitized images are intended for study, teaching and personal use only. Permission to reproduce must be obtained from the library.


We are proud to make available through this website the contents of the Expo '67 Photograph Collection taken by the late Meredith F. Dixon. We are also pleased to provide supplementary maps, descriptions and essays detailing the historic event that was Expo '67.

The project was jointly conceived by Annmarie Adams and Marilyn Berger. The collection was digitized and organized by Troye Carrington, an undergraduate student in School of Architecture. Troye's talents were used most effectively in developing and designing the website and in researching the information on each Expo 67 Pavilion. She also prepared descriptions of all archival material. The final website is a joint production by the McGill University Digital Collections Program and the Blackader Lauterman Library of Architecture and Art.

Recognition is given to Elizabeth Thomson and Eli Brown of the Digital Collections Program (DCP), McGill University for their exceptional cooperation and support of this project, under the leadership of Anastassia Khouri.

We take this opportunity to express our profound gratitude to the Canadian Library Association's Young Canada Works in Heritage Institutions program for their financial support of Expo '67: A Photographic Journey. Thanks also go to the Office of the Trenholme Director of Libraries, McGill University for additional funding.

Finally, we wish to express our thanks to Pamela, Mike, and John Dixon for donating their family's collection to McGill University School of Architecture. Without their generosity this collection would not be publicly accessible. Special thanks to John Dixon for his "About the Photographer".

It is our hope that the exceptional contribution of Meredith Dixon to the documentation of Expo '67 will remain alive through the use of this image collection.

Marilyn Berger
Head Librarian
Blackader Lauterman Library of Architecture and Art