Project Credits

Lorraine Dubreuil, Map Curator and David McKnight, Digital Collections Librarian, provided the overall direction for the project. The students were responsible for inputing property owners' information into the database, map linking, the scanning and editing of all images and general project supervision.

McGill Staff

Project Curator: Lorraine Dubreuil, Map Curator (On Leave 2001-2002)
Project Manager: David McKnight, Digital Collections Librarian

Phase I (June 1998-September 1999)

Project Team

Vlad Nabok (Project Supervisor)
Martine Domiere (Scanning & Data Entry)
Alexandra Lewis (Scanning & Data Entry)
Debbie Liu (Scanning & Data Entry)
Karen Whiting (Scanning & Data Entry)
Dara Wiesenthal (Scanning & Data Entry)
Larry Deck (Scanning & Data Entry)
Thoth Harris (Scanning & Data Entry)
Andrea Kennedy (Scanning & Data Entry)
Clea Minaker (Scanning & Data Entry)
Joan Rowe (Scanning & Data Entry)

Phase II (December 1999 - April 2000)

Project Team

Stefan Lebel (Project Supervisor)
Eli Brown (Scanning & Data Entry)
Lorraine Carpenter (Scanning & Data Entry)
Rachel Demoskoff (Scanning & Data Entry)
Claire Gilbert (Scanning & Data Entry)
Corinna Hagel (Scanning & Data Entry)
Andrea Kennedy (Scanning & Data Entry)
Megan Morash (Scanning & Data Entry)
Jennifer Pagnotta (Scanning & Data Entry)

Phase III (January 2001 - May 2001)

Project Team

Eli Brown (Project Supervisor)
Rachel Demoskoff (Project Co-Supervisor)
Thoth Harris (Scanning & Data Entry)
Meredith Chatman (Scanning & Data Entry)
Jennifer Eisman (Scanning & Data Entry)
Robert Hunt (Scanning & Data Entry)
Claire Gilbert (Scanning & Data Entry)


Special Thanks to:
Mika Publishing: For the generous use of their county atlases
Ali Abbas: Database Design and Map Locater Software (Phase I)
Marwan Al-Sabbagh: Programming support (Phase I & II)
Glen Bedjanian: Technical support (Phase I, II & III)
Sarwat Viquar: Web Design (Phase I)
Waqqas Khokhar: Web Design (Phase III)
Elizabeth Thomson: Additional Programming
Vijitha Iyadurai: Additional Programming
Donald Hogan: Conservator, Rare Books Division
Library Systems Office: Loan of Equipment
National Archives of Canada

Finally, the project team would like to express their gratitude to Industry Canada for their sponsorship of this site, and, in particular, the project team would like to Judy Lee who managed the County Atlas file during all phases of the project.

Technical Specifications

Archival Images: scanned at 300 DPI and preserved in TIF format
Edited Images: 72 DPI and distributed in JPG format

Image Editing Software: Adobe Photoshop 5.0
Web Authoring Software: Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Visual Studio 97

1 Microtek Scanmaker III
1 HP IVC colour scanner
1 PROGRES 3012 Genoptik Digital Camera


This project was produced by the Digital Initiatives, formerly Digital Collections Program, McGill University Libraries.

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