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Last Name First Name County Township Town Occupation Birthplace Full Record
Abel Mary Lambton Plympton Farmer Devonshire, England GO

Abernethy William Lambton Moore Farmer Ireland GO

Ackroyd John Lambton Euphemia Farmer England GO

Adams Thomas Lambton Enniskillen Petrolia Dealer in groceries, flour and feed Ontario Co., Canada GO

Alexander Andrew Lambton Sarnia Sarnia Owner and proprietor Alexander House; Former Town Councillor Ireland GO

Allen Edward Lambton Enniskillen Petrolia Freight agent, Great Western Railroad England GO

Ames William Lambton Warwick Watford Pastor, Methodist Church of Canada England GO

Anderson Alexander Lambton Plympton Farmer Canada GO

Anderson Alexander Lambton Plympton GO

Anderson Archibald Y. Lambton Plympton Ontario Co., Canada GO

Anderson David Lambton Plympton Wyoming Boot and shoe maker Ontario Co., Canada GO

Anderson J. P. Lambton Brooke Inwood Hoop merchant GO


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