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Entry NoNameTitleLink to full record
1529Winograd, Morris NathanTants, gezang un payn Full Record
See: Caiserman-Wital, H.M.Wital, H.M. Caiserman-  
1970Witt, BernardYehoyesh, a bibliografye fun zayne shriftn Full Record
1998Witt, BernardKhinezishe legendn Full Record
1530Wogler, ElhananA bletl in vint : poeme Full Record
1531Wogler, ElhananFriling oyfn trakt : lider un poemen Full Record
1532Wogler, ElhananTsvey beryozes baym trakt : poeme Full Record
1034Wolf, JosefLeyenendik Peretsn Full Record
1533Wolf, LeizerLider Full Record
1534Wolf, LeizerDi broyne bestye : balad`es un satir`es Full Record
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