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1922Workmen's Circle (U.S.). California BranchAkhtsik yor H. Lang Full Record
2070Workmen's Circle (U.S.). Cemetery Dept.Yizker : materyaln, vos kenen banutst vern bay tseremonyes un ritual, bay a levayeh, baym oyfdeken a matseyveh, bay a memoryal, oder baym bazukhn a keyver tsu a yortsayt Full Record
2186Workmen's Circle (U.S.). Cemetery Dept.40 yor Semeteri department, Arbeter-ring ink. : 1907-1947 Full Record
2195Workmen's Circle (U.S.). Central School CommitteeKultur un dertsiung Full Record
1535Wulman, SamuelGilgulim Full Record
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