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Entry NoNameTitleLink to full record
1525Weprinsky, RashelDi palitre : lider Full Record
1526Weprinsky, RashelRuf fun fligl Full Record
1528Weprinsky, RashelMayne yorn : lider Full Record
1967Werber, SzyfraNiseles trer Full Record
1527Wexler, Harry A.Geuleh lider Full Record
See: Ben MordekhaiWhiteman, Kalman.  
2000Whitman, WaltFinf un tsvantsig lider Full Record
2001Whitman, WaltVoltVitman, lider : fun bukh Bletlekh groz Full Record
2086Wiernik, JankielA yor in Treblinke Full Record
1528Winograd, Morris NathanMayne yorn : lider Full Record
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