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1474Vaysman, Y. E.Paraleln Full Record
See: Ben MordekhaiVaytman, Kalman.  
1475Velednitskii, AbrahamLayternish Full Record
388Velt farband fun di Bergen BelzenerKh'tu dermonen Full Record
1476Verblun, ElieHeyliker ash un andere : poemen un lider Full Record
1477Verblun, ElieLirisher togbukh Full Record
1478Verblun, ElieDi shlakht farn mentsh : un andere gezangen Full Record
1479Vergelis, ArnBam kval : lider Full Record
1480Vergelis, ArnBirobidzshaner dor Full Record
1827Vergelis, ArnHorizontn : fun der haynttsaytiker Sovetisher Yidisher dikhtung Full Record
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