The Exhibit:   ~ Poland ~
Di farshvundene veltDos shtetlHilfDer yunger gayst
Di veltKhalyastrePhoto: Yiddish writers, Vilna, 1919Yung-Vilne
Bay di breges fun NyemanMetatronEphemeral works by M. Broderson. Shvartse fliterlakhTsungenlungen
A hasenkeIbergangDi malkeh ShvoDer royter rayter
Shney-tantsToyPerl oyfn brukT'hies hameysim
P.E.N. Klub publications: Demerung in shpiglRoyter monA gast in farnakhtDer regn zingt
ModelnDi vunderlekhe lebnsbashraybungNoente geshtaltnIn mitn
ValdiksWhere Once We WalkedMemorial postcardShuhlen in fayer fun doyres
Hymn of the Partisans: Mir zaynen do

Poland and its environs constituted the well-spring of modern Yiddish literature. Warsaw, under the mentorship of Isaac Leib Peretz, provided its inspiration and nurture. Vilna, in Lithuania, also was a great centre of creativity. Among the literary landmarks displayed in this section are periodicals like Di Khalyastre (The Gang) and Yung Vilne (Young Vilna), as well as examples of works by the P.E.N. klub on the eve of the Holocaust.