THE EXHIBIT   ~ Poland ~
06_07 Yiddish writers group photo.jpg Newspaper clipping of a group of members of the Association of Yiddish Writers and Journalists in Vilna, photographed in 1919.
Top row, from right:- P. Novik [identified by Prof. Eugene Orenstein], A.Y. Goldshmidt, Unknown, A. Morevski, Z. Segalovitsh, Sh. Niger, Dr. M. Vaynraykh, H. Lunski.
Middle row, from right:- Dr. Y. Vigodski, Dr. A. Virshuvski, Sh.L. Tsitron, Sh. An-ski, Dr. Tsemah Shabad, L. Yafeh, Unknown.
Lowest row, from right:- M. Shalit, D. Kaplanovitsh, Z. Reyzen, H. Levin.