Letter from Edward Archibald to Wilder Penfield, July 23, 1928.
This is a handwritten letter from Edward Archibald to Wilder Penfield. In the letter Dr. Archibald updates Dr. Penfield about his current health and his time of rest in Nova Scotia. Dr. Archibald then discusses details of Dr. Penfield's relocation to Montreal and also the securing of payment for his living expenses while he is preparing to re-establish his practice. Dr. Archibald hopes that his wife and Helen Kermott Penfield will be great friends. This letter is from July 23, 1928.
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Archibald, Edward W. (Edward William), 1872-1945.
Transcription reads: "Meredith Stroke Reford - practices guarantee + microscopes, Lockport, Nova Scotia, Jul. 23, 1928. Dear Penfield, I am off her for a fortune was holding, but will be home all August. The one fresh piece of news I have is that is Lewis Reford, (?) before I left, offered me whatever were (?) I might need for your department. He had had a very good week on the stock market, and I had operated on his wife for a cyst in the breast. I have nto put his offer quite correctly. He said "I trust I can give you some more money for Penfield if you need it -." I said "Thanks very much. Will you do one thing? Guarantee to make up Penfield's monthly amount for his own living expenses, for the early period during which he will nto be taking in money, and the subsequent period during which he may not be earning sufficient." He gladly promised that. So that relieves (?) of any possible necessity of breaking with capital at the start, or begging from others. As to the ntoe I made in last letter re his offer to lend you his (?) (?) (?) (?) indefinitely. I have now to add that you should buy (for him) an oil immersion (tow if you need his magnifications, say 1/12 and 1/18). He is a pre-war Zeiss 201 A with movable stage. What with his (?) (?) of $500 (by the way, I must get him to send you the cash or else the University to extend your credit) and with my Zeiss if you need it, you should be well provided with good (?) for your research men. I envy you being over there for a chance to just sit down & work, without the necessity of earning money, specially with Forces (?) doing hack jobs; but I being to pick up some (?) again down here by the sea. And very best regards to your wife and kids with you! I feel sure she and my wife will be great friends. I think the future looks rosy. I feel sure there is (?) to be plenty of material between the two hospitals. You are booked to give a popular address to the medics of the Ottawa Valley, including Ottawa in October. I arranged it with Lyman, the leading medical consultant in Ottawa. He has already asked for you for two cases. One was urgent and I had to go up myself, but it was a small fee -; the other is waiting for you. I saw him primarily. He has a pituation stroma and is 3/4 blend, with (?) swelling, but stationary. I should say a case for nasal or buccal approach. No headachs but a largely eroded sella. Well it's an (?), my dear man. Cable me if you need more credit for equipment; as time is giving short. Yours ever, Edward Archibald. P.S. I must delay this a week as I haven't your address here, and Pickels is off too. Last we know you need us to order anything not already (?) Meakins old Sir Vincent had a stroke 2 weeks ago. Rt side with (?) & recont but probably (?) & (?). Just got your letter. Greatly pleased. Will send (?) referred no. 500.50 that you will have to cook. Better get this die (?) (?) there (?) (?) with you. (?) have (?) or cred for a further advantageous purchases over there. E.A."

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