Project Description


The digitization of the manuscript was carried out by the Oxford Digital Library Project, with funding from a grant secured by St John's College from the Mellon Foundation. The commentary and additional materials were written by Faith Wallis, Associate Professor, Department of History and Department of Social Studies of Medicine, McGill University. Funding for Prof. Wallis' work was provided by the Tomlinson Foundation through the Tomlinson Digital Initiatives Fund; by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada through the Internal Grants Program administered by the office of the Vice-Principal (Research and International Relations) of McGill University; by the Faculty of Arts of McGill University through the Arts Insights Initiatives program; and by the Department of History of McGill University. The Calendar and the Cloister was created by the Digital Collections Program of the McGill University Library. For more information about the team, see Credits.

Copyright over MS 17 itself resides with the President and Fellows of St John's College, Oxford, from whom permission to reproduce must be sought in writing. Copyright over the electronic images of MS 17 resides with St John's College and the Bodleian Library. Requests to reproduce any image from MS 17 should be addressed to St John's College. Copyright over the electronic images from MS British Library Cotton Nero C.VII fols. 80-84 resides with the British Library; requests to reproduce these images should be sought from the British Library. Copyright and intellectual property rights over the commentary materials and the site design reside with the author and McGill University.


The Calendar and the Cloister project has been built using open source software. The content of the web site is stored for the most part as XML, tagged using the TEI markup schema. XSLT stylesheets are used to transform the XML for display as HTML. The search engine uses the eXist native XML database. Interactivity is provided through Javascript and PHP.