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Reproducing Content

We make this content available on the condition that users credit the McGill University Library when reproducing content from our site. Giving credit promotes good scholarship, and helps others find the original source material.

An example of a useful citation is:

Title. Date. Publisher. McGill Library Islamic Lithographs Digital Collection. URL. Web. [Date retrieved.] PDF file.

al-Ḥirz al-maknūn min lafẓ al-maʿṣūm wa-al-maʾmūn. 1290 [1873]. Bhūpāl : [al-Maṭbaʿ al-Siddīqī]. McGill Library Islamic Lithographs Digital Collection. http://digital.library.mcgill.ca/islamic_lithographs/fullrecord.php?ID=10809. Web. 25 April 2016. PDF file.