Industrial Architecture Montreal 



  Northern Electric Co.

1730, rue St-Patrick;

Architect: Carmichael, William John
Building Type: industrial complex
Materials: foundation of reinforced concrete, steel superstructure, interior columns encased in terra cotta, ornaments are terra cotta, walls are plastic brick (7 million used)
Begun: 1913
Alterations: 1926-1928, 1929-1930, 1948, 1975
Alteration Architect: J.O. Despatie (1926-1928); J.S. Cameron and E.G. Patterson (1929-1930); J.W. Boilen (1975)
Note: From "One of Montreal's most Modern Factories" Construction 9:4 (1916): "The total excavation amounted to some fifty thousand cubic yards. Over fourteen thousand cubic yards of concrete have been used for foundations. One hundred thousand square feet of glazing glass has been used and approximately one hundred thousand square feet hot water radiation service were required to be installed."


View of rear of building, looking south-east (1999)
Rear view, before later additions, looking south; from Construction 9:4 (April 1916) 121.
First floor plan showing railway entrances into building off rue St-Patrick; from Construction 9:4 (April 1916) 123.
Interior photos of reception room (top) and drafting room (bottom); from Construction 9:4 (April 1916) 124.
Advertisement and rendering of Northern Electric Co. from 1928; from Journal (RAIC) 5:1 (1928) xxv.
View, looking east, from rue Shearer (1999)
View, looking north-east of façade on rue Shearer (1999)
View along St-Patrick, looking north-east (1999)
Side elevation; from Construction 9:4 (April 1916) 122.
View of ornamental motifs on uppermost sections of the building (1999)
Detail of wall ornament (1999)
View of main entrance showing the terra cotta tile console and cornice (1999)
Aerial view (ca. 1932); from Montreal: The Metropolis of Canada: A Comprehensive Record of the Growth and Development of the Canadian Metropolis (Montreal: Canadian Record of National Development, 1932), 8.


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