Industrial Architecture Montreal 



  Watson Foster Co. Ltd.

4115, rue Ontario est;

Architect: Hutchison, Alexander Cowper
Building Type: factory
Materials: stone foundation, brick
Begun: 1896
Completed: 1897
Note: The building was originally used as a wallpaper factory.


View, looking south-west the intersection of rue Ontario and ave. Desjardins(1999)
View, looking north-west, along ave. Desjardins (1999)
Looking north from boul. Pie IX and rue Ontario (1999)
Illustration of company factory (1903); from Ernest Chambers, The Book of Montreal: a Souvenir of Canada's Commercial Metropolis (Montreal: Book of Montreal, 1903), 264.
Company advertisement from 1907; from Montreal: The Commercial Metropolis of Canada and the History of the Gazette 1778-1907 (Montreal: Gazette Printing, 1907), 189.


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Visuals: exterior photo.

Linteau, Paul-André. Maisonneuve: Comment des promoteurs fabriquent une ville. Montréal: Boréal Express, 1981. : 116-118
Visuals: exterior photo.


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