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Building Name: Ames, Holden & Co.
Street: 43, Victoria Square

Building Name: Andrew Frederick Gault Co.
Street: 351, rue Duke
Architect: (unknown)

Building Name: C.W. Williams Manufacturing Co.
Street: 705, rue Bourget
Architect: (unknown)

Building Name: Canadian Cork Cutting Co.
Street: 1030, rue de Cheneville

Building Name: Canadian Marconi Co.
Street: 2142, rue Trenton
Firm: Ross & MacDonald
Building Name: Canadian Power Boat Co.
Street: 4000, rue St-Patrick
Architect: (unknown)

Building Name: Canadian Rubber Co. of Montreal
Street: 1840, rue Notre-Dame est
Architect: (unknown)

Building Name: Canadian Switch and Spring Co.
Street: 1401-1545, rue St-Patrick
Architect: (unknown)

Building Name: Clark Bell Factory
Street: 5010, rue St-Patrick
Architect: (unknown)

Building Name: Crane Company Ltd.
Street: 2240-2250, rue Pitt
Firm: Brown & Vallance
Building Name: Depothéque
Street: 3830, rue St-Ambroise
Architect: (unknown)

Building Name: Dunham Industries
Street: 1435, rue Island
Architect: (unknown)

Building Name: Édifice Hagar
Street: 367-373, place d'Youville
Architect: Springle, James K.

Building Name: Fabrique de Jute
Street: 4755, rue Acorn
Architect: (unknown)

Building Name: Fabrique Equipement Refrigération
Street: 661, rue Rose de Lima
Architect: (unknown)

Building Name: Gair Company of Canada (Canadian Paper Board)
Street: 50, rue des Seigneurs
Architect: (unknown)

Building Name: Gault Brothers Co.
Street: 350, rue de l'Inspecteur
Firm: Finley & Spence
Building Name: J. & R. Weir factory/ Zone
Street: 10, rue Duke

Building Name: Jaztex et Austres
Street: 780, rue St-Rémi
Architect: (unknown)

Building Name: L.-O. Grothé Building
Street: 2000, boul. St-Laurent
Architect: Resther, Jean Baptiste

Building Name: Le Clan Panneton
Street: 2600-2664, rue Mullins
Architect: (unknown)

Building Name: Lyman Building
Street: 281-285, place d'Youville
Firm: Mitchell & Creighton
Building Name: Massey Manufacturing Co.
Street: 345-385, rue Duke
Architect: (unknown)

Building Name: Northern Electric and Manufacturing Co.
Street: 350-370, rue Guy
Architect: Carmichael, William John

Building Name: Produits Alimentaires
Street: 2715, rue Reading
Architect: (unknown)

Building Name: R.C.A. Victor Co.
Street: 903-1001, rue Lenoir
Architect: (unknown)

Building Name: Robin and Sadler Co./ Sadler Inc.
Street: 1845, rue William
Architect: (unknown)

Building Name: Simmons Ltd./ Complexe du Canal
Street: 4710, rue St-Ambroise
Architect: (unknown)

Building Name: Stanchem (Standard Chemical)
Street: 5070, rue St-Ambroise
Architect: (unknown)

Building Name: Sun Oil
Street: 3550-3552, rue St-Patrick
Architect: (unknown)

Building Name: Swing Paints Factory
Street: 2100-2122, rue St-Patrick
Architect: (unknown)

Building Name: The Grovers Building/Tooke Brothers Limited
Street: 640-644, rue de Courcelle
Firm: MacDuff & Lemieux
Building Name: United Shoe Machinery Ltd./ Le Cours de Coubertin
Street: 2610, avenue Bennett
Architect: Stone, Howard C.

Building Name: Usine Jas. McCready/ Edifice le Cours St.Pierre
Street: 355-367, rue d'Youville
Architect: Laurent, Michel

Building Name: W.C. Macdonald's Tobacco Factory
Street: 2455, rue Ontario est

Building Name: Watson Foster Co. Ltd.
Street: 4115, rue Ontario est
Architect: Hutchison, Alexander Cowper
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