Industrial Architecture Montreal 



  Caron Building

2050-2060, rue de Bleury;

Firm/Partnership: MacVicar & Heriot
Building Type: light manufacturing
Materials: Indiana limestone, brick, granite base
Completed: 1923


View looking west (1999)
Architect's illustration; from Construction 16:9 (Sept. 1923) 313.
Ground floor plan; from Construction 16:9 (Sept. 1923) 311.
Elevation of south wall and elevator entrances, main entrance corridor; from Construction 16:9 (Sept. 1923) 312.


"The New Caron Building, Montreal." . Construction 16:9, 1923: 311-314
Visuals: floor plans, elevation, exterior drawing.

Communauté Urbaine de Montréal. Architecture Industrielle Montreal. Montréal: Le Service, 1982. : 42-43
Visuals: exterior photo.


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