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Building Name: Belgo Building
Street: 352-392, rue Ste-Catherine ouest
Firm: Finley & Spence
Building Name: Caron Building
Street: 2050-2060, rue de Bleury
Firm: MacVicar & Heriot
Building Name: Menuiserie Mécanique
Street: 1273, 1299-1295, rue Island
Architect: (unknown)

Building Name: Montreal Herald Building/The Canada Building
Street: 455-465, rue St-Antoine ouest
Firm: Brown & Vallance
Building Name: Read Building
Street: 420, rue de La Gauchetière ouest
Firm: Ross & MacFarlane
Building Name: Sommer Building
Street: 416-440, boul. de Maisonneuve ouest
Firm: Hutchison, Wood & Miller
Building Name: Unity Building
Street: 454, rue de La Gauchetière ouest
Architect: Spence, D. Jerome

Building Name: Walter M. Lowney Co. of Canada
Street: 1015, rue William
Architect: (unknown)
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