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Building Name: Belding Corticelli
Street: 1790, rue du Canal
Architect: (unknown)

Building Name: Canada Jute Co.
Street: 1744, rue William
Architect: (unknown)

Building Name: Canadian Bag Co.
Street: 2485, rue St-Patrick
Architect: (unknown)

Building Name: Congoleum Canada Ltd.
Street: 3700, rue St-Patrick
Architect: (unknown)

Building Name: Consumers Cordage
Street: 1430, rue Island

Building Name: Dominion Textile Company Ltd.
Street: 5624-5630, rue St-Patrick
Architect: (unknown)

Building Name: Merchants Manufacturing Company/Dominion Textiles Co./Coleco
Street: 4000, rue St-Ambroise
Architect: (unknown)

Building Name: Mount Royal Spinning Wool Co. Ltd./ Dominion Textile Co.
Street: 5524, rue St-Patrick
Architect: Spence, D. Jerome

Building Name: Ste-Anne Spinning Wool
Street: 2554-2618, rue Notre-Dame est
Architect: (unknown)
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