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Company Name: Wabasso Limited
Note: Wabasso Cotton Company Limited was incorporated in Canada in 1907. The company changed its name to Wabasso Limited in 1967. The company changed its name to Wabasso Inc. in 1979 and continued under the Canada Business Corporations Act in that same year. The company changed its name to Tratex Textile Inc. in 1985, following the sale of its major assets to Dominion Textile Inc. Dominion Textile continued the bedding and towel product lines under the Wabasso name, and made Wabasso Canada Inc. a wholly-owned subsidiary.
Incorporated: 1907
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Historic Entries:
Preceded by: Wabasso Cotton Company Limited became Wabasso Limited
Succeeded by: Wabasso Limited changed its name to Wabasso Inc., 1979 
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Wabasso Inc.
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