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Company Name: Ranger Oil Limited
Note: Maygill Petroleum Company Limited was incorporated in Ontario in 1950. The company changed its name to West Maygill Gas & Oil Limited in 1954. The company changed its name to Ranger Oil (Canada) Limited in 1958. In 1980, the company again changed its name, this time to Ranger Oil Limited; it was also continued under the Canada Business Corporations Act. All shares were acquired by Canadian Natural Resources Limited in 2000.
Incorporated: 1980
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Historic Entries:
Preceded by: Czar Resources Ltd. 's shares were acquired by Ranger Oil Limited, 1995 
Preceded by: ELAN Energy Inc. 's shares were acquired by Ranger Oil Limited, 1997 
1978 (15.7MB)1979 (14.8MB)1980 (22.6MB)1981 (17.8MB)
1982 (18.4MB)198319841985
19941995 (24.5MB)19961997
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Rangeco Oil & Gas Ltd.
Onyx Petroleum Exploration Company Ltd.
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